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Entry Forms / Match Applications
  • MS Word Document     Challenge Match Application Form
  • MS Word Document     Temporary Regrading Application Form
  • PDF Document     Tournament/Blitz Application Form
Transfers / Sanctions
  • PDF Document     Antrim Playing permission -Conditions
  • PDF Document     Antrim Playing Permission Form (2013)
  • PDF Document     Antrim Transfer Form 2013
  • PDF Document     National Inter County Transfer
  • MS Word Document     Transfer Guidelines
  • PDF Document     Ulster Inter County Transfer
Membership Forms
  • MS Word Document     Adult Member Form
  • MS Word Document     Club Officer Details
  • MS Word Document     Youth Membership Form
Strategic Plans
  • PDF Document     ANTRIM STRATEGIC PLAN (5.25MB!)
  • PDF Document     Belfast Strategy (5.62MB)
  • MSPowerpoint Document     Strategic Development Committee Powerpoint Presentation
Regulations & Bye Laws
  • PDF Document     2011 Antrim Bye Laws
  • PDF Document     2014 Antrim Bye-Laws
  • PDF Document     Championship Regulations
  • PDF Document     Championship Regulations 2015
  • PDF Document     Gaa Rules Regarding Club Borrowing
  • PDF Document     League Regulations 2015
  • MS Word Document     Referees Assessment Report Form
  • MS Word Document     Infractions Guide
Player Welfare
  • PDF Document     Abbreviated Theraputic Use Exemption (TUE) Form
  • MS Word Document     Anti-Doping Disclipinary Procedures
  • MS Word Document     Blood Borne Infections in Sport (Hepatitis B risk)
  • PDF Document     Cardiac Screening Questionnaire
  • MS Word Document     Defibrillator Advice
  • MS Word Document     Drug Testing - What Happens
  • PDF Document     Food For Fitness
  • MS Word Document     Irish Sports Council - Anti-Doping Contacts
  • MS Word Document     Irish Sports Council: Anti-Doping Guidelines
  • MS Word Document     Letter for County Team Doctors - Theraputic Use Exemptions (TUE's)
  • MS Word Document     Medical / Scientific Welfare Committee Members
  • MS Word Document     Mouthguards
  • MS Word Document     Mouthguards 2
  • MS Word Document     Player Burnout Report
  • PDF Document     Standard Theraputic Use Exemption (TUE) Form for Inter County Players
Player Injury Scheme
  • PDF Document     2010 Players injury claim form
  • PDF Document     Player Injury Scheme (Terms 2010)
  • MS Word Document     Player Injury scheme -Guidlines
Insurance Public ,Employers & Property
  • MSPowerpoint Document     Club Insurance Issues
  • PDF Document     Engineering Inspection Cover
  • MS Word Document     Flood and Windstorm Definition
  • MS Word Document     GAA Gym Usage
  • PDF Document     GAA Property Insurance Claim Form
  • PDF Document     Insurance Regulations re Lifting Equipment
  • PDF Document     Public Liability Claim Form
  • PDF Document     Use of GAA Property
  • MSPowerpoint Document     2015 Championship Draws
  • MS Excel Document     2015 Club Fixture Dates
Centre of Excellence
  • PDF Document     Concept Plan
  • PDF Document     Planning Document on Centre of Excellence
  • PDF Document     PR Launch for Centre of Excellence - Presentation
  • MS Word Document     Press Release re Centre of Excellence
Grant/Funding Opportunities
  • PDF Document     Sport NI
Club Documents
  • PDF Document     Club Constitution
  • MS Word Document     Club information Document
  • PDF Document     Club Maith
  • MS Excel Document     Club Membership Regisrtation Document
  • PDF Document     Declaration of Trust
Booking Forms
  • MS Word Document     Woodlands Booking Form
Child Protection
  • MS Word Document     Child Protection Regulations
  • MS Word Document     Club Applications - Summary Document
  • MS Word Document     Individual Application for AccessNI
  • PDF Document     Our Games Our Code 2012
  • MS Word Document     Ulster Council terms and Conditions re AccessNI
CCC Presentation
  • MSPowerpoint Document     What is the CCC
ASAP Programme
  • MS Excel Document     Club Co ordinators
  • MS Word Document     Drug & Alcohol Policy
Archived Documents
  • MS Word Document     2007 Antrim Refereeing Strategy
  • MS Word Document     2007 Strategic Plan Audit
  • MS Word Document     2008 All County League Regulations
  • PDF Document     2008 Antrim Refereeing Strategy
  • MS Word Document     2008 Strategic Plan Audit
  • MS Word Document     2009 Competitions Entry Form
  • MS Excel Document     2010 Championship Draws
  • MS Excel Document     2010 Football leagues
  • MS Excel Document     2010 Hurling Fixtures
  • MS Word Document     2010 Rule Changes
  • MS Word Document     2010 Rule Changes Summary
  • MSPowerpoint Document     Antrim 2008 Championship Draws
  • PDF Document     Antrim Championship Draws 2009
  • MS Word Document     Antrim Football & Hurling Fixtures 2008
  • MS Excel Document     Antrim Master Dates (12)
  • MS Word Document     Belfast Club Audit Template
  • MS Word Document     CCC League and Championship Porposals
  • MSPowerpoint Document     CCC powerpoint presentation
  • MS Word Document     Championships 2009
  • MS Excel Document     Club Championship Draws 2007
  • PDF Document     County Master Fixtures 2008
  • MS Word Document     Cushendun Emmet's Proposals
  • MS Excel Document     Eire Og Football League Proposals 2008
  • PDF Document     Extension of the Property Insurance Programme to 31st Dec 2007
  • MS Excel Document     Fixture Schedule 2010
  • MS Word Document     GAA Press Release re Government Grants - Nov 07
  • MS Word Document     Gort naMona Senior and Minor League Proposals 2008
  • MS Word Document     Lamh Dhearg Hurling League & Championship Proposals 2008
  • MS Excel Document     Master Fixture Planner 2010
  • MS Word Document     Master Fixtures 2009
  • MS Excel Document     Master Football Fixtures 2007
  • MS Excel Document     Master Hurling Fixtures 2007
  • MS Word Document     Match Regulations for County Championships 2007
  • MS Word Document     Motions & Recommendations deferred from Convention 2007
  • MS Word Document     National Fixtures 2009 (not Ulster)
  • PDF Document     New Rules - Experimental for National Football Leagues 2009
  • PDF Document     New Rules - Experimental for National Hurling Leagues 2009
  • PDF Document     Official Guide Part 1
  • PDF Document     Official Guide Part 2
  • MSPowerpoint Document     PowerPoint Presentation of CCC League and Championship Proposals 2008
  • MS Word Document     Questionnaire For Belfast Clubs - Strategic Plan
  • MS Excel Document     Referees Expenses Form 2007
  • MS Word Document     Referees Fitness Programme 2007
  • MS Word Document     Special Congress Motions
  • MS Word Document     Special Congress Motions Jan 2008 - Implementation Dates
  • MS Word Document     Ulster Council Press Release re Government Grants - Dec 07
  • MS Word Document     Ulster Feile Entry Form
  • MS Word Document     Ulster Fixtures 2009
  • MS Word Document     Ulster Hurling League Entry Form 2008
  • MS Word Document     Winter 9 – A – Side Under 18 Hurling Competition Fixtures 2012