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Name : Player
08 July 2015
Further to your comment on upcoming championship dates will dates and venues be released for the preliminary round of senior football after this meeting on Thursday night?

That is the plan.
Name : Strength and conditioning
07 July 2015
Interesting comment from Mike Mc Gurn about strength and conditioning and endless nights training.
Hard to beat a bit of class and freshness.
Boring drills over and back and in and out bears no semblance to match situations.
Name : player empathy
07 July 2015
I've been playing senior football for over 5 years and I still can't get my head around mid week fixtures involving city and country sides. Why are clubs expected to travel long distances after a hard days graft? Mid week games should involve teams that are reasonable distances apart. Some fellas are not getting home to after 10am then up for adays work at 7am. If the leagues need to be increased to solve this then get it done as its very unfair for long travel on a weeknight.

Impossible unless we play Divisional Board competitions.
Name : county
07 July 2015
is dunsilly open for clubs to play club fixtures there at present?

No not yet.
Name : david
07 July 2015
any way of getting the upcoming club championship dates/venues posted on the website? cheers

Final times and venues have not been fixed by CCC for the Championship games. There is a meeting on Thursday and this is on the agenda.
Name : Coach
07 July 2015
Many people have opinions on what is wrong with Antrim and many have all sorts of solutions. To improve will take lots of work. Where we could make real progress that would benefit our games is getting our cosches in hurling and football well trained. I suspect we are the bottom of the pile in terms of having competent coaches. And that is our own fault as clubs. How many top class coaches have we in either hurling or football? So a crusade to get coaches up to standard would be a great start. We need a real good coach to go around clubs as an assessor and see what the standard is like. Something a bit like a school inspection. It is easier to coach well when you know what you are doing. But you need trained.
Name : Sweeper
06 July 2015
Overheard a debate the other evening at a Feis match in Loughgiel about 'the sweeper system' and good sweepers'?
One was for and the other one agin it. Is it about someone running about marking nobody? Didn't 't understand it but yet man was wile for the sweeper .. Just hope he wasn't 't from Xxxxx. Standing oot marking nae bodie - should be on the line.

Had to edit club name.
Name : Let down
06 July 2015
It is disgraceful that Antrim as a constituent part of the GAA is being failed by Ulster GAA and HQ GAA. And in apportioning the failure/ responsibility rests with HQ GAA. For decades the communities that are the catchment areas for the GAA fraternity have been torn apart by communal conflict. The effects of that are well documented. Our clubs are working against well nigh impossible challenges. The past has devastated and will continue to devastate the present. But who cares? Don't see the HQ GAA batting and battling for us? And maybe we don't help ourselves - but we too have endured much trying against the odds to keep some type of normality going. And in rural areas it is different. We need to get behind what is needed for Belfast. And it must extend beyond bricks and mortar. Or is the problem of disconnect too big to handle?
Name : Casement Conundrum
05 July 2015
As previous comments have suggested, Casement Social Club seem to have a fairly big hold over our County Board at present. I am aware that these two entities were at one stage closely linked. It appears that Casement Social Club may be privvy to information that our County Board wouldn't like exposed and are therefore being appeased. Cloak, dagger, smoke, mirror. Uisce faoi thalamh.

What could Antrim GAA possibly have to hide???

Nothing is the answer to your question.
Name : Antrim U15s
05 July 2015
County U15 footballers traveled to Owenbeg on Saturday and played Derry & Monaghan ,they beat Derry 6 - 15 to 2 - 4 and drew 3 - 10 each with Monaghan , they have played 7 games this year winning 6 and drawing 1 .
Name : Seamus McKeegan
04 July 2015
I am amazed at the amount of money being given to The Casement Social Club !!!!!!! Surley this money could go to better projects like finishing The Dunsilly Center Of Excellences to help our young people excel in our sports rather than helping a drinking club. I think we all know where things are going wrong now !!!!!!!
Name : Club player
03 July 2015
If the footballers win on Sunday will games on Monday night be off as the next round of the qualifiers is next weekend?

Hopefully this is a question for CCC on Sunday evening.
Name : North Belfast Antrim Supporter
03 July 2015
are the seating arrangements for Brewster Park on Sunday, open access, ie first come first served? My tickets don't have seat reservations, it just says general admission?

I dont think getting a seat will be a problem
Name : Ciarán Mc Cavana
03 July 2015
What a difference a few weeks makes?, The Sun is shinning, we are in the month of July and we will be travelling to Enniskillen with a realistic chance of a win and progressing in the All Ireland Senior Football Championship.

Aontroim Abu
Name : casement social club
03 July 2015
Why is there such consideration being given to the casement social club?... Where does the profit from casement social club go these days? Which club benefits from the social club?..... With clubs losing social entitys all over the city why is the GAA forking out £500,000 in resurrrecting another social club?

those questions need to be put to the membership of casement SC