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Name : Fair play
21 June 2015
Was the County official who presented the Cup yesterday aware of the conduct of some members of the winning team whom he congratulated?
Name : Shameful
21 June 2015
Felt sick for everyone at what was allegedly said yesterday in a hurling game in what is known as 'sledging'?
Hope it is dealt with in an appropriate way for everyone concerned. This has no part in life , sport - debases us all as people.
Name : Saffron Delight
21 June 2015
Exceptional day in Portlaoise by Fitz and the boys. One of the best days ever. (what happened with the jerseys, apparently we played in last years. I didn't notice but my son was a bit irked. He thought Santa had brought him the new top for Christmas!)
Name : Head scratcher
21 June 2015
Re. Admin's lengthy defence of the Friday night St Gall's v Clooney hurling fixture: Sunday was an option was it? Where would that have left the St Gall's v Aldergrove Reserve football fixture on Sunday, refixed by the co board a few weeks back, which involves many St Gall's dual players? Furthermore, is the Administrator, a co board member I'm guessing, saying that it was acceptable that a vital relegation club hurling game be played the day after these 3 dual players in question would have given their all for their county? That in itself is head scratching material. So much for the club being the hub & all that jazz!
No doubt there'll be further board political broadcasts on the matter as the week progresses in various media outlets. But please spare us the 'Saturday's win was no great surprise & is a testament to all the great development work going on in the county' line, the same one that was peddled when the county u21s made the all Ireland hurling final a few yrs back. Best of luck to all today with the minors & the seniors in the weeks ahead! If only Antrim could get it's house in order...
Name : Saffs for sam
21 June 2015
Will the league fixtures for this Friday 26th be on cos of the county footballers out 8 days later? Also well done to the lads, like most people I'm sick hearing about all these boys who could be playing and choose not too- just shows the lads who want to be there get the opportunity and rewards
Name : fan
21 June 2015
What's the news on dunsilly

The phase 1 building contract has been awarded to Downpatrick firm Russell Bros. Changing rooms etc at Dunsilly will start asap
Name : Great win
20 June 2015
A brilliant win today by the senior footballers. A first half to forget but a second half performance that has brought a degree of pride back. Hopefully we can go on and put in a display in the next game the way we showed in the second half today.
The question needs asked as to why Frank had to make the call he did?

Well done indeed and no doubt this display will give the players a degree of belief that they can compete against the so called higher level teams. As to your question as to why Frank had to make the call he did. The three played for their club in a league hurling game the night before. The players were aware that if they played for their club they would not start the championship football game. Now why did the players have the game on the Friday night? All the Division 1 hurling games fixed for this weekend were originally set to be played on Saturday. St Galls and Clooney Gaels re fixed their game to be played on Friday night. This refix was agreed by both clubs. Friday night was not imposed by CCC. Another club with a fixture set for Saturday rearranged their game for Sunday because they had a county footballer. The option to play the game on Sunday was open to both clubs. If the game had not been rearranged by both clubs and the fixture had still been fixed for Saturday CCC would have moved the game to Sunday if requested. CCC did not change the game because it was the two clubs who agreed to the setting of the game on the Friday.
Name : Antrim Gael
20 June 2015
Well done to Fitz and the Lads, you done us proud, lets hope the armchair critics cut the team a bit of slack after a great win, but than again i would'nt bet on it. Well Done to our County Footballers you all deserve this for your efforts so far this season.
Name : Noel Carberry
20 June 2015
Well done Boys against Laois, I'm delighted for ye.Noel in longford.
Name : U21Championships
20 June 2015
With the recent comments on the hurling U21 championship and teams pulling out etc it got me thinking again about the rotation of the hurling and football u21 that I understood a number of years back was to happen but has never actually transpired I.e. One year the hurling u21 was to be played in early part of the season and the football in the later part and then the following year this was to be reversed. When you look at the 2 championships, one is made up of 9 teams (8 if you dismiss the team who withdrew) whereas the football has 28 teams. Surely it's about time this was looked at as October, November and December isn't time to have a Championship running over given the conditions etc that have blighted this competition this last few years. As there are a lot less hurling teams then the competition could be ran off over the month of October and be done with whereas the football takes a number of weeks more to complete and ends up having the final played in December. Time for people to start thinking about these things from a logistical point.
Name : Good news
19 June 2015
Good to see annoucement about Dunsilly
Name : Jack
19 June 2015
I hate to write this but this week I have had a belly full of Antrim. We play Laois on saturday evening and one of our most important players was being asked to play in club championship games on monday and wednesday. How can anyone prepare?? The Belfast clubs who are trying to promote dual ethos and provide THEIR players for county teams are being pulled apart. Then we have the second biggest tournament
(U21HC) in the county calendar being effectively run off inside a week. The time will arrive when players will stop playing for county teams and maybe then, this county board will realise the errors of their ways.
Name : Eamon
19 June 2015
I suppose there is no mechanism to 'invite' a beaten team in the U21 competition to provide us with a semi- final match v Cushendall. Might do something to maintain integrity of the U21 championship. Not sire if it would be a back door or side door but it would be another game played as a semi final. This competition needs looked at -so that there are more games. At present knock out and walk out is doing nothing for Antrim hurling.

There was a fixture arranged between two clubs who had won their games to qualify for the semi final of a championship and one of the clubs withdrew. I don't know of any mechanism that would cater for a team to replace them in this instance.
Name : Wondering
18 June 2015
When is the u21 Final ?

Sunday 1.00pm in Ballymena
Name : Over and out
18 June 2015
Is it OK to play a round or two and then pull out of a competition?

If a club withdraws from a competition they can be liable to face sanctions.