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Name : The agony ...
11 May 2015
We will be criticised for being critical. Yet it is critical that we do just that if we want to progress. There must be moves ongoing ; all the time in regards to looking at coaching - and if there isn't then it is really bad. Imagine a school where improving standard of teaching; looking critical at results etc wasn't the norm.
This is mot about blaming our senior hurlers; our U 21s ; minors or their coaches. This is about a critical look at what we are not doing that we could be doing and haven't been doing. It is as important as that - it is critical thst it is done. And just as there are people who volunteer their time in clubs and do all that needs to be done - and at County level etc; then there are people with the skills and expertise to help us get our act together. If there was a solution that could be posted here that worked - it would have been posted. What is wrong has been wrong for a long time - how much longer are we going to prolong this sad state of affairs? As proud Antrim hurling people we need to be at the centre of helping ourselves.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.A constructive contribution to the debate.
Name : Supporter
11 May 2015
I dont think that our results can be blamed on having an outside manager. I would say that the manager has done an excellent job getting the best out of the players. Herein lies the problem though, unfortunately we could not be termed a strong hurling county at present. Certainly not in terms of Liam McCarthy Cup participation.

This is no surprise, nor is it a new phenomenom. Apart from the 1984 - 1996 period where we were competing well at the All-Ireland Semi -Final stage, we were traditionally playing All-ireland B or Intermediate level on the national competition stage. We were traditionally a division 2 team when Division 1 was a much bigger league with all thetraditional hurling counties playing in it.

Dont be too hard on the players, and we shouldnt have unrealistically high expectations of them either.

That said, we should not be beaten by Westmeath by the margin we were.

Antrim hurling does need looked at. We need to look at the type of game youngster are being taught by club coaches, and we need to look at how they are coached to win primary posession. First touch wise our players are quite good, but winning their own ball is a major weakness. Getting natural scoring forwards is another glaring weakness. We need to be actively promoting these areas if we are to compete at the top level. And we need to be consistent, and not falling into the trap of thionking that one swallow makes a summer.

Im sure there are local people who could be manager of the senior team, but at the same time, our current manager can not be blamed for the current results. He is doing the best with what he has at his disposal.
Name : Player
11 May 2015
Yesterday was disappointing but it is essential that as a county and a team that we regroup for the carlow match.
This is a match that we can win and is imperative to win to help maintain our position in leinster.

In recent years we have entered a college's team in Leinster, Jordanstown played in the Fitzgibbon this year which are all positive and need to be maintained in order to be exposed to quality hurling.
Coaching is a big part and this includes everyone involved at any level of hurling within the county.
people have been lamenting the quality of players we have but if we look internally within our own clubs how many can we say are of a standard high enough to make an impact at county hurling.
Yes the County have a duty to provide the correct structures but so to does every club promoting hurling and we all need to ask ourselves the question 'what can we do to improve'.
Ps Speedy Recover to Aaron
Name : Coach
11 May 2015
Is there a Coaching and Development Committee at County level that oversees ciaching and development??

Yes. Chaired by Columb Walsh.
Name : Frankly
11 May 2015
The long term experiment of taking in outside manager/ coach is not working. It hasbeen tried now for an extended period.
We need to start helping ourselves and getting people involved. We need to get cooperation across clubs..and the men who came in did their level best. But we are not improving the broad base within panels etc
We may have to slip down even further but I feel it should be our own efforts to bring Antrim up..

You are correct when you say we need to help ourselves but I believe that having 'outside' help has brought more positives than not. Life is about opinion.
Name : manager
11 May 2015
Can a ban apply from one code to another, eg football to hurling

Depends on the category of offence.
Name : Spot on
10 May 2015
Quote from another guestbook - we need to take stock- yes when pressure is on we revert to what we know best and it is outdated; ineffective and is the collective responsibility of how wr coach . We have got it wrong - we can pat ourselves on the back about great young hurlers but our team play is dismal, lacking in most clubs...??

"This has to be the worst Antrim performance in years. Its not the players - they play the way they have been coached. "
No its the way a player has been coached by his club in his formative years, he reverts to type when his confidence is shot, an incredibly difficult problem for any coach to break down. So where does the blame sit?

I would ask, 'where does the solution sit?' It can be easy to point the finger but more difficult to put forward solutions. There have been contributions to this Guestbook making constructive suggestions. We must all agree that the solution is not an easy fix. It requires contribution from all the stakeholders. Players, club coaching, county coaching, club administration, county administration and national administration.
Name : Hurl on
10 May 2015
We are reaping the downside of poor club coaching. Years of drills ; marking your man- maybe even ground hurling etc. and I'm referring to club coaching from where our county players are selected from. We are late in the day trying to change an approach that has not been part even of our thinking never mind its application. The whole support play etc is foreign to most of our club coaches. Hurling like gaelic football- like all sports moves on and we are slow to adapt? Maybe I am wrong but the Westmeaths, Carlows and Laois can play a style that can tear us apart - probably at most levels. So rather than aspiring to be at the top table we need to get ourselves adjusted to where we are realistically..
And we have good hurlers.. And we will hurl on !
Name : K. Darragh
10 May 2015
Congratulations to Dunloy Minor Hurlers who won the Darragh Cup for the first time.
Malachy+Kathleen Darragh
Name : hurler
08 May 2015
The restructuring of the leagues (Hurling) was not how it was voted during the county Convention. How come they were just changed with a week or so before the commencement of the ACHL? Surely this is not allowed as the clubs did not vote for the amended version of the restructure. The clubs voted for one restructure and this was made known how it would happen but it was changed all of a sudden. Any light shed would be very helpful. Thanks

You do not shed any light on your version of the restructuring.
Name : Coaching
08 May 2015
It is so much easier if you have say 2-3 coaches going along who know each other and can share the load. There are probably coaches keen but someone needs to prepare the way etc. Not all clubs need coaches but there is a surplus in some places. It would help coaches help players, help hurling . These coaches would need to be brought together and then matched with teams etc. but is there a demand from clubs? Presumably those in coaching / development have looked into this? Or is it simply left to each club to get coaches irrespective of their capability etc
Maybe someone in the coaching field would care to comment. Think there is loads of merit in using good coaches over and above those clubs who have plenty.

Name : Mentor
08 May 2015
Responding to J: I would bet that Club Youth Officer / Hurling Development Officer doesn't know you are available and willing to help. As one of only three guys in the club trying to run hurling from P2 to U14 within our Dual Club I have tried everything to get ex-players/parents/etc. to help but all have ‘excuses’ for not helping. I believe that I have exhausted the list of guys that might have helped but I could have missed someone. I would advise you to flag up to your committee that you are willing to help and they will welcome you with open arms.

Excellent advice
Name : John Cardon
07 May 2015
Just want to wish all the Antrim footballers and management the very best of luck against Fermanagh. Frank has made the squad more like a family than team mates.
Name : Under utilised resource
07 May 2015
Don't wait to be asked is probably the right thing to do but it overlooks the reality - we are parochial and you cannot go and offer services to another club - unless you have that sort of personality. So it is not easy and that is why we need a mechanism ; system to facilitate that. Also one where clubs are in need can go to and get help from some coaches. And there needs to be some matching of capability to the needs of others. Some can talk a good game but would be useless. Do you get the drift?
Yes the end point of good coaches going around to assist, lead, support etc would be a great shot in the arm for Antrim hurling. And we hsve good coaches who are not meaningfully being used. In your own club you are either in or out - bit like what is happening today- either elected or not.

The idea of a group of Top Coaches moving around the county to develop coaching within clubs, not teams, is a good one. My 'don't wait to be asked' comment was to do with working within your own club. I am not an advocate of the 'professional' coach selling their talents to the highest bidder.
Name : Ciaran Walsh
07 May 2015
I find Observer points a wee bit strange. To say that only great players can be found in D1 clubs is just mad, there is great players in the lower leagues who would do well representing our county and with the introduction of a number of U21s from what is called lower league clubs you need to look at the players not the club eg the three St Endas players have played D1 north Antrim leagues since no age and not just played but won the North Antrim League at Minor among other titles, one captained the Antrim Minors to Leinster League glory all have represented our county at Minor so how would these players not be good enough. I have not mentioned the other players of other clubs cause I do not know them but I do know they will give there heart and soul for our county. The point I trying to make is because your born in Louhgeil or Cushendall or the Whiterock Road does not mean your are going to be a great Hurler, there is great hurlers in Waterfoot, the Glen of Gormley, Toome and many other places and we need to be open enough to look at them.