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Name : Pat
17 June 2015
Teally disappointed at the small crowd at the U21 hurling championship game in Creggan this evening. Not sure if there was much publicity- two big clubs involved.

The game was advertised on website Newspage plus fixture list and on the county Twitter account. Two big clubs with good membership and support.
Name : Manager
17 June 2015
Is the fixtures/results/league tables problem on the website being addressed? Thanks

Name : Declan Steele
16 June 2015
In relation to the administrators comment that teams without county players can play their match that is not correct. The county called all matches off without consulting the clubs and in order for a match to proceed both teams have to agree to play it even though neither of the teams have any county players involved. Makes you wonder why the county set master fixtures at the start of the year and then cancel them without reason. I can understand matches being cancelled if there are county players from at least one of the teams involved but to cancel matches where neither team has any players involved is ludicrous.

How am I wrong? You state yourself that the game can be played if both teams agree.
Name : Thanks to GAA volunteers
15 June 2015
Yes Antrim Gael abroad- the CB, club officials, referees, players all do a great job by volunteering their time, skills and enthusiasm. It was like that before you left and it is still the same. The voluntary time devoted to youth by adults is truly commendable. Those that sit in Committees, administration all do a wonderful job because it is voluntary and freely given. It is in our nature to give of ourselves and it is worthwhile because sometimes our critics from within our own ranks know better what could be done. But they are more interested in the criticism. It is only by pulling together that we can improve. It is a privilege to be part of a great Irish institution. Maybe from afar you see things that we don't . Volunteerism is freely given - thanks to those who did it for us; to those who do it now and to those who will do it in future. The hurler on the ditch - whether the ditch is at home or abroad sees it all so differently.
Name : Declan Steele
15 June 2015
Yet again the plight of the ordinary club footballer is ignored. Wednesday nights games all called off, even in matches where there were no county players involved with either team meaning club footballers will go a full 4 weeks from 7th June to 5th July without any matches...and we wonder why people play other sports ahead of our national games.

If teams do not have any county players they can play their game.
Name : Marty
14 June 2015
Would it possible to explain how teams were graded in the Father Mullan Cup (U14 Championship).

Two Div 1 teams (three if you count St John's who started the season Div 1) are playing in the C Competition? With Div 2 teams playing in the B Competition?

Sorry need to ask South Antrim. This is a Divisional competition.
Name : Laois v Antrim
13 June 2015
Is the qualifier game next Saturday 20th June? Laois play Galway in Leinster hurling semi at 5 o clock in Tullamore - will our game be part of a double header? Looking to book hotel so want to get the right venue & date ASAP. Thank you.

Antrim play Laois in Portlaois on Saturday.
Name : GC
13 June 2015
Can the start date of the intermediate football championship be confirmed?

The master fixtures say 8th aug, however my secretary was told 1st aug. Great if this could be confirmed for holidays.

My best advise is for your Club Secretary to contact CCC and get clarification.
Name : Antrim Gael abroad
13 June 2015
Iv been saying it before I emigrated and I say it again now!! The wrong people in antrim are in power!! They have no foresight!! People in high positions come from clubs that are basically pub teams!! I know I'll get chastised for this but I know for a fact that our youth teams are no where near catered for like Tyrone Armagh Derry and that's just on the football!! Hurling we are poor relatives very poor and it has become evident with our Snr team!! U21s still trains with our seniors probably the only county that doesn't focus on the u21 team out of the so called big hurling counties. We can't call ourselves that anymore either!!! We've slipped back and to be honest it's just not good enough and we are embarrassing

Office is open to any member of the GAA in Antrim who gets nominated by any Club in Antrim. Convention will happen again in December. Clubs will elect a Coiste Bainistí. On your 'Pub Team' comment I am sure that St Johns would rightly take exception to your comment as the County Chairman is a member.
Name : Edward
12 June 2015
Do you have any photos from the Antrim Cup Hurling U-14 against Kilkenny from this year?

Kieran Megraw in the County Office might be able to help you.
Name : Wondering
11 June 2015
With the u21 hurling semis fixed for next Wednesday what date has the final been refixed?

It is hoped that the Final will be played the following week-end.
Name : championship
10 June 2015
What are the start dates for football championships including reserve?

Go to Administration look under Fixtures and see Club Fixture dates.
Name : John
09 June 2015
Does our Under 21 hurling championship have only 4 teams capable of competing with one another?
And at senior level could you say there are only 4 serious contenders for the senior title?
And if this is somewhat correct is it any wonder we are sliding down at inter County level. Are we much different at Club level to Derry or Down ? It probably doesn't concern those clubs at the top but maybe therein lies the problem?

Surely you are not suggesting that it is this years stronger teams fault that there are, in your opinion, only four teams at a strong enough level to compete at U21?
Name : Minor Manager
08 June 2015
How would you go about changing / requesting a new date for a minor hurling match; I see a number have been rearranged due to exams. Is it the CCC or at the clubs to agree? Please advise. Thank You

Make contact with the other team. If an arrangement can be made that is agreeable to CCC then the fixture can be rearranged. CCC must be kept informed.
Name : fan
08 June 2015
any word on putting up championship fixtures, please dont say they are in fixtures for their not

Administration under Fixtures. See 2015 Club fixture dates and 2015 Championship draws.