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Name : observer
28 May 2015
surely div 2 hurling league is wrong, sarsfields have played 5 matches

CCC meeting tonight. It will be clarified at that.
Name : Catherine McQuillan
27 May 2015
Asthma Awareness Evening.

Con Magees Glenravel are holding an Asthma Awareness Evening in their Sports & Community Complex on Thursday 28th May at 7.30pm. Guest speakers in attendance to provide advice on appropriate inhaler technique. Everyone welcome - young and old.
Name : John Lawell
27 May 2015
I wish our footballers all the best on Sunday!
Forget all the negativity, we have players who can win on any given day and whom could grace any team in Ireland.
Name : Stephen Carey
27 May 2015
Hi all, I would just like to wish our Footballer a big good luck on Sunday! Hope the players do their County and also don't forget their clubs proud!!!!! C'mon da lads!!!!!!!!!
Name : Liam
27 May 2015
Would this work to help the standard of hurling?
Could we have coaching sessions taken by 3-4 really good coaches where a few of our clubs could come together regularly to train together. There is a lot of time committed in MOST clubs to training that is not improving standards because MOST of our club coaches are not sufficiently well equipped with know how to improve standard. Our collective pool of players are exposed to coaching that does not fulfill their potential. Hand picking development squads etc to improve standards is wasteful unless the real good work has been done in the clubs. Our best can come together at County level - could clubs group to avail of decent coaches?
Name : Hugh
27 May 2015
Our problem at present is that we have individuals,individual clubs,individual Divisional Boards all knowing what is wrong and who is to blame. There is little sense of togetherness. Whoever is to lead us out of this needs to create buy in. We need to work together- and as adults and Antrim people it is our job to do this for the betterment of those following on.
Name : Punditry
26 May 2015
Got this definition somewhere - No it wasn't from Joe Brolly!
An expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called upon to give their opinions to the public:
Don't know what Joe would think of that?

Name : Yes concerned
26 May 2015
Re Concerned about..
People are writing, posting, debating about what is wrong and what maybe could be improved in Antrim hurling - but presumably all that is to no avail- just suggestions , ideas to be ignored?If those in positions of responsibility are not open to listen - that is ourselves , clubs, CB, Ulster and Croke Park then we can suggest all we want and the downward spiral continues . We are on a journey downards. Someone has to take it seriously and in suggestions, ideas there may just be some modicum of common ground and common sense. It is up to Antrim hurling folk to get people to listen... Yes we are that important and our love for what hurling means to us is that important. So Yes I'm concerned ..
Name : Concerned about
25 May 2015
Donal Og's suggestion is just that - a suggestion. Why would it have any credence or credibility with Croke Park? He's a pundit. He made a suggestion. Does Croke Park listen to Pat Spillane or Joe Brolly? No. Did Jack Charlton listen to Eamon Dunphy? No. They're pundits. Live with it.
Name : coach
25 May 2015
I have asked this question to South Antrim and got no response
why have the organised under 16 football games for the same day as the Antrim start there ulster football football championship. I think this is a joke as my kids want to watch Antrim but can't cause of a match they have to play on that should really be on a Thursday night when it is meant to be

I have spoken with the SA Chairman and he has informed me that these are refix games and that clubs have been informed that they can play these games on Saturday or other arrangement. Contact your club secretary.
Name : No - Donal Og.
25 May 2015
We do get things wrong in Antrim but one thing I would feel is absolute stupidity is Donal Og's suggestion of an Ulster hurling team. Is this given credence at Ulster/ Croke Park level? Get the hurling fraternity together. Good County teams are crucial for players who want to showcase their talents against other County teams. The difference in status for a player playing at Club and County level is as different as day is to night. Good club teams require their good players exposure and regular competition against the cream of other Counties. Taking 2-3 players from all the Ulster Counties and blending them into a team is absolute stupidity. We are a proud hurling County but we need to get hurling people together to sort out and try some things together. No one person, no one club, no one Divisional Board have all the answers but each has something to offer - to contribute.
Name : Saffron
25 May 2015
I'm sure Antrim GAA as a membership organisation with a significant club membership and limked into Ulster Council / GAA HQ must have a strategic plan devoted and tailored to the development of facilities and activities. The facilities are often aired in the media and people know what and why those facilities are desired and needed.
The life blood of Antrim is our GAA people. Do we know much about what is in that strategic plan and is it being effectively applied. There seems a real disconnect between what is generally called County Board and the constituent parts (clubs) and their membetship. The CB is there to lead ; to take responsibility etc as do other County Boards. We are not unique - every other County board has work to do but how are we doing? Does the ordinary GAA member in Antrim feel part of a movement that wants to progress? We seem starved of buy in about the health and well being of our games in Antrim. Is there an active strategic plan that is being monitored and is this communicated to the membership that is Antrim GAA?
Name : antrim has no identity
25 May 2015
Pains me to say this but we really are the laughing stock of Ireland now. The casement saga, footballers slumping to division 4 again and hurling at an all time low. No disrespect to the Antrim County Board but surely you can see that there is something fundamentally wrong with the system in Antrim. Your representation in some areas of the county is swollen and in others as the Irish news reported discussed recently, some kids have never even seen a hurling stick. For too long we have been in the doldrums and we have a large pool of potential talent throughout the county but it's not being effectively tapped into.
Name : Sad day
24 May 2015
Sad, sad, sad day!
Tipp, Cork, Waterford coaches brought in because we don't have confidence in our own capabilities or potential. We have dragged things down on so many fronts . During The Troubles we hung on but now are in free fall. Next week well I don't know
Name : Acceptable conduct?
23 May 2015
I appreciate and accept what you say about not permitting comment about certain topical issues and opinions.
And I feel or presume that you would probably urge us towards doing and behaving in a decent way on and off the field.
How can we voice our disagreement, rejection when we see and hear things that are blatantly wrong - particularly off the field of play - sideline, spectators , club officials.
And I am not linking this to any club, any individual. But you know when we agree that someone or something done is totally abhorrent, out of order? And it does happen - but is there a means, mechanism to register that abuse of acceptable code of conduct ? And it is not something for refs.
Many thanks