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Name : Well done
03 July 2015
Didn't read all the letter to Social Club but understand that it does say we got certain things wrong and we apologise. This is important and applicable to us all. We all get things wrong. Let us hold our hands up and say just that when in our heart we know we get it wrong. Often we retreat, defend, attack others at all sorts of levels on issues that may or may not be that important and it erodes trust in one another. So well done CB it is a principle applicable to all across our County.
Name : Grove Abu
02 July 2015
In relation to the recent letter posted dealing with casement social club I see mentioned the Heron Buckingham JV is its the counties understanding that this JV is still in existence and it's SPV is still viable as a legal entity to deliver the project on behalf of the stakeholders involved? Thanking you in anticipation of your reply.

Yes the Heron Buckingham JV is still in place to deliver the project
Name : Antrim supporter
01 July 2015
like to remind everyone out there that there is a very important match involving our senior footballers taking place on Sunday. I for one would like to wish them all the best. Lets get to Enniskillen in big numbers to support them
Name : paul
30 June 2015
would it be possible to put up the proposed fixtures for the JHC and the teams and dates please, as the link for them isn't working. thanks

Junior B Hurling Prelim 25/7 Semi Final 1/8 Final 8/8 Junior Hurling Prelim 16/8 Semi Final 30/8 Final 19/9
Name : Possibly
30 June 2015
A little bit of civility all around could be a good thing - a sound foundation to help us get Antrim GAA back together functioning. Maybe we have played out that which leaves us where we are and a bit of decency, respect would help us develop a shared pride in Antrim- beyond self and parochial boundaries.
Name : southwest finals
30 June 2015
Well done Moneyglass for brilliant facilities for the 2 finals on Sunday.
Name : Seán
29 June 2015
Ciarán, I agree with everything you have said in your post, but not once have you mentioned the needs of the residents in Owenvarragh and Mooreland.
Name : Red or Dead
29 June 2015
Congratulations to Ahoghill on winning the O'Cahan cup for the first time ever. An incredibly talented group of players who have won numerous titles in both hurling and football over the last 10 years.
Name : Dave
29 June 2015
Could you please let me know the proposed dates for all rounds of the intermediate hurling championship? I can't get the link on the website to work. thanks

16 Aug for 1/4 Final 30 Aug for 1/2 Final 19 Sep for Final These are weekend of dates
Name : Jim
29 June 2015
"We need to put pressure via club representatives, and via county board and as standalone members of the Association, on Ulster Council to commence with consultation programme with the next few weeks."
Maybe this is what the GAA need to learn from this whole process- consultation is required. There is a right to know where public money is being used. The public nature of the inquiry and all the trail of documentation from all bodies can become public. The days of this and that being done by whoever, wherever and for whatever reason behing closed doors can lead to problems.
And the media will latch on to news stories but they too are governed by being held to account.
I think we need to involve and keep people informed of where we are at and where we are going. As members of the GAA we need to be treated in a way that respects the worth and dignity of everyone . We can talk about equality, freedom of this and that but the how are these played out in dealing with people? I think the rebuilding of Casement is and will be a big learning curve for lots of people and the public exposure may in turn be a good thing in bringing about a lot of positive change. And there is probably more cross community support for this venture than most would have envisaged.
Name : Ciarán Mc Cavana
26 June 2015
Ba Maith liom mo buiochas a ghabáil do Carál Ni Chuilin(MLA) agus Paul Maskey(MP)ar eagraigh an Criuniu Oiche aréir I Lár na Cathrach.

Thought the meeting at the city hall re Casement Park Development programme was very informative and well attended.
It showed that there is a very strong passion among the clubs within County Antrim to see the Casement Park complex, which will be just short of £62,000,000 spend, built ASAP.
The meeting also debunked some of the myths circulating, and explained some of the very strong social clauses built into Grant to ensure usage by wider community, and the GAA Clubs on a daily basis.
My understanding of the meeting was as follows;
Planning was granted, but overturned via a Judicial Review based on traffic measures.
The money was part of a three stadium project; Ravenhill, Windsor and Casement; money is ring fenced for these three projects, and it can’t go anywhere else within the GAA Family.
While monies are ring fenced, there is a time limit, so if we don’t use it, we lose it.
What we as Antrim Gaels can do?
We need to put pressure via club representatives, and via county board and as standalone members of the Association, on Ulster Council to commence with consultation programme with the next few weeks.
Clubs and individuals need to inform the media that we, as Antrim Gaels, fully support the Casement Park project, which will be the main GAA Stadium in Ulster.
We as Gaels need to clearly ask all political parties, are they with us or against us; no more talking out of two sides of their mouths. We in The GAA are a huge voting bloc, let all political parties be made aware that the GAA Family support the second largest city in the country having a stadium fit for purpose for the province of Ulster. We also support the huge economic spin off for the region in building such a project.
With a fair wind Casement Stadium Hub can be completed by 2018 , this project is far more than just a stadium; it will transform the facilities available to clubs throughout Antrim and further afield for future generations of young Gaels and the wider community.
Is mise le meas
Ciarán Mc Cavana
Catharlach Naomh Eanna
Name : Baffled
26 June 2015
Was there really a need for all the inquiries into Casement - or how did concerns around certain issues escalate when plans and shared responsibility across a whole range of bodies including statutory seemed to be operating in a way that is expected in a major project?

Name : Casement
25 June 2015
We should be grateful for the transparency available now to get an insight into how government works! I'm referring to the meeting today into the new Casement proposal. The GAA were very well and ably represented.
I thought to myself if this is how things are progressed by government agencies - then we will be a long time making progress in other aspects that effect peoples lives. You would think that this was the only stadium that was being constructed in the world. Look what was done by people then to give us the original Casement.
Really professional representation on behalf of GAA.

Name : Oliver McCall
25 June 2015
Will all the senior football games scheduled for next Sunday be re-fixed for an alternative date, i would assume that the County Board would like to give club players the chance to suuport their county.

Div 3 football are being switched to Saturday 4th July and Div 1 & 2 plus Reserve moved to Monday 6th July to accomodate requests for supporters to attend Antrim game.
Name : Paddy
25 June 2015
Would imagine that whether we are present at City Hall tonight or not - we will hear that what our public representatives chose to say or chose to tell us? Think I will go to young boys hurling training.