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Name : Youth coaching
23 May 2015
I see there's a group of young hurlers going down to James Stephens and they will be coached for 45 minutes by Kilkenny coaches prior to games. Could we organise good coaches to take a few hundred young ones at various times over the summer?
So rather than matches between teams let us have emphasis on good coaching.what we are doing needs changed.
Name : Administrator
22 May 2015
I will not be putting up any comments relating to current unproven allegations made on social media or press.
We all have our opinion on what is right and wrong and the correct way we should behave both on and off the field.
It would be wrong to try a case through social media when we do not have all the facts.
Name : @deterMND
20 May 2015
Terry Reilly and Colly Murphy in conjunction with the South Antrim GAA Committee with the help of their clubs have organised a Night at the Races in McEnaneys Bar on Friday 29 May 2015 to raise funds and awareness in support of Anto Finnegan’s Trust DeterMND. Since this charity relies totally on the generosity of individuals we are asking all Gaels to consider making a donation to this very worthy cause, the cost of a race is £100.00 and your kind donation will be recognised during this event by naming the race after the individual sponsors. All donation cheques should be made payable to South Antrim GAA.

All South Antrim clubs have taken tickets in support of this very good cause but you can also pay £5 entry at the door on the night. We look forward to assisting @deterMND in promoting awareness and raising funds on what should be a good night in which all Gaels can help make a difference.

For the last race of the night we will be selling all 8 horses for £50 each. All owners will win one of the fabulous prizes below, if you would like to sponsor a race or buy a horse please get in touch with Terry 07776 255369 or Colly 07779 165570.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh

Little O’s – Vouchers
Shades Whiter – Voucher
O’Neills – Gear
Everglades Hotel – 1 night B&B
Vamp Lisburn Rd - £250
Failte – Meal for 2
Hunting Lodge – Meal for 2

Sponsors of the races so far.

£100 Race Sponsors
McEnaney’s Bar – Gerdy Holden
McEnaney’s Bar – Sambo McNaughton
Sperrin Switchgear – Terry Reilly
Sperrin Switchgear – Niall McGuigan
Truly Fair – Frankie Cahill
Homefit – Jackie Kelly
JC May – Medals and Trophies
Steve Mc Fadden
Data Dispatch – Gearoid Robinson
Century Electrical – Colin Donnelly
Coopers Chemist – Paul Cooper
Shannon Road Marking – Sean Shannon
O Donovan Rossa
Workforce Training Services - Paul Boyle
Delta Print – Pat Crossan
Walsh Scaffolding - Ciaran Walsh
John Donnelly Building - Sean Donnelly

Name : ruairi og
20 May 2015
On the longest serving hurlers, Ruairi Og has 2. John 'Jackie' Carson and James 'Junior' McKillop are both in their mid forties and won Senior Championships in their prime. They also played in last year and won the N Antrim Junior Feis Championship were 'junior' played wing back and 'jackie' played Centre forward and scored 1-9.

Name : RE: Longest serving baller
20 May 2015
Geezer is still playing Senior Hurling and would only be around 35 if he is that. PD from St Paul's was playing away in the senior panel too as far as I can make it out. He must be very close to 40.

Sean Kelly is playing still for Gort na Mona and must be around 37.

I'd say most clubs would have players around this age group.

I believe the request was for information on longest serving players on the county team.All clubs will have members like those named above who have served their club with distinction for many years.
Name : Pat
19 May 2015
Think that would be a great idea of Deegall's to get the official programme of the opening of Casement reprinted and sold. Could probably get a few sponsors. It is a valuable and valued part of our history. Results and performances of teams come and go but Casement was, is and will be always par of our proud heitage as Antrim Gaels.
Name : re. Longest Serving 'baller
19 May 2015
Geyser is still playing South Antrim for St Paul's and only he could tell you what age he is. Kevin Lynch with the Aggies is in his late forties and (I think) still in their senior football panel.
Name : Deegall
19 May 2015
ref Casement not forgotton. your looking some of the history around the building of the ground How Why Who Cost ect. I've an original programe from the official opening of the ground.Great reading I will get a copy made and leave it in the office hopefully someone in adm can up load it onto the site for all to read.After all its our county's history. Maybe the programe could be reproduced and resold for county dev squads funds.
Name : Glenravel Coach
18 May 2015
We were happy to play an excellent St Paul's team in the Bear Pit on Saturday, no complaints about the result or the welcome we received. The only change that I would like is for North Antrim; South West and South Antrim boards to agree the mechanism for choosing the Teams that play in the Feile 'B'. In North Antrim its a competition for the weaker clubs, in South Antrim its for the Clubs that lost their matches in Feile 'A'. Hence you could have a strong Feile 'A' team e.g. St Paul's up against a Weaker Club from North Antrim e.g. ourselves. No fault of St Paul's I must stress. Good luck to St Paul's and Loughguile in the All Ireland Feile, Enjoy!
Name : fao glenravel supporter
18 May 2015
to glenravel supporter
I watched the match between glenravel and st pauls and i dont think it would have mattered where it was played as st pauls were the stronger team as the scoreline shows .. playing at sarsfields had no advantage to st pauls . st galls only 5 mins away from sarsfields and they didnt win the A final
Name : Overseas Fan
18 May 2015
What game is next for the senior county hurlers when is it? Who do they play?

Carlow this coming Sunday.
Name : Glenravel Supporter
16 May 2015
Why does the county hold an all county fiele final between Glenravel and St Pauls on a pitch beside St Pauls pitch? not exactly a neutral venue.

South Antrim were due to host the county Feile Finals in 2015. Sarsfields GAC provided an excellent facility.It
Name : Casement -not forgotten
16 May 2015
Was Casement Park when it was built not some achievement? Was it one of our finest achievements in the history of the GAA in Antrim.
Would love to hear about who was involved and so on - so that the story and our appreciation for them and that chapter of our history may be passed on .
Name : hurlaway
16 May 2015
There is often a fair (and by times maybe not fair)amount of comment on here and elsewhere about hurlers and hurling. Not sure if our Gaelic footballers and Gaelic football provokes the same interest and passion among our Gaels in Antrim?
Name : Re: Longest serving hurler/footballer
15 May 2015
Martin Mulholland (Football) and Neil "Vic" McCann (Hurling but played both but now just hurling) from Glenravel must be up there. They're both into their 40's and starting to play with the sons of their former team mates!

To be fair, they've got some great stories about the war....