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Name : fan
05 June 2015
i have scrolled to fixtures and went to hurling and went to junior championship but still no fixtures come up. its same for other levels

Administration under Fixtures. See 2015 Club fixture dates and 2015 Championship draws.
Name : Clawing our way back
05 June 2015
It is not difficult to know what is required to get Antrim moving agsin - the template is there in other Counties. We are down but it needs coordinated and collegiate effort to claw our way up again. Our leaders need to lead.
Name : Underachievement
04 June 2015
There are people who never read a newspaper, don't know what Twitter or Facebook is but know the facts that as a County we are grossly underachieving. Everyone in Tyrone has an opinion; same in Armagh; Kerry and there are pages filled with opinion etc. We used to bemoan that we couldn't get coverage - now we don't want it? This is the world of news- making news and we have to move with the times. Whether we post on twitter etc is of little consequence unless the proper work is done to have proper stuff coming through on the conveyor belt. We have to work together to make it happen - those who tweet and those who don't .
Name : Supporters?
04 June 2015
I can't follow the footballer with enough heart. They have too many people on that panel who have dished the very team they are playing in right now and have walked out on them in the past in their hour of need (last year for example).

I don't have it in my heart to cheer on these people, unfortunately.

I do sympathise with the committed supporter and players who burst a gut year in year out without seeking to tell the world through Facebook, Twitter or the Irish News.

Antrim have players who are as committed to representing their county as any other in Ireland. Unfortunately they don't sell newspapers or create a storm on Twitter.There are times when some make it easy to fill the back page on a slow news day. This has to stop. What happens in Antrim is no different than in any other county some just take a delight in highlighting it. Those who do put in the time and effort desreve the support from the ordinary fan and those charged with administering the affairs of the county.
Name : Supporters?
03 June 2015
I know we might find fault with BBC regarding deferred coverage but I would like to point a finger - handfuls of fingers at our so called supporters who don't often make the effort to attend our County teams in both hurling and football. By their actions you shall know them..!
Name : BBC
02 June 2015
Well done BBC apart from the fact that we all knew the result before it started because of its deferred coverage.
Name : Minor fan
01 June 2015
can any1 put up the minor team line up from Sunday on this, some great players coming through well done lads

Antrim Minor Panel v Fermanagh 1 Gavin Murray Naomh Eargnaid, 2 Ciaran Garland Naomh Eoin 3Conor King Naomh Brid 4Cameron Flynn Lamh Dhearg 5Eunan Walsh Achadh Gallain 6Donal Carey Ciceam an Creagán 7Barry McCormick Tir na Nog 8 Gerard Walsh Ui D Rosa 9 Cormac Murray Padraig Sairseil 10 Ben Rice Lamh Dhearg 11 Conor Small Ciceam an Creagán 12 Eamon Fyfe Conn mac Aoidh 13 Odhran Eastwood Naomh Eanna 14 Brendan Corr Gort na Mona 15 CJ McKenna Naomh Eoin 16 Christopher Gallagher Daibheid 17 Conan Lyttle Naomh Eanna 18 Niall Crossan Ui D Rosa 19 Patrick Finnegan Naomh Brid 20 Patrick McCormick Naomh Eargnaid, 21 Joe Maskey Naomh Eanna 22 Kevin Small Ciceam an Creagán 23 Darren McCormick Tir na Nog 24 Conor Stinton Naomh Gall
Name : Thanks Jim
01 June 2015
Well done to Loughgiel Shamrock's and Jim Nelson's family for saying 'thanks Jim' . You left something special. You gave and shared through hurling. May we strive together to follow in Jim's footsteps.
Name : Hurler on the ditch
01 June 2015
Would be great to see the BBC do some pieces of a few club hurling games. I would think it could appeal to a wider audience. The beauty and setting of the Glens would be ideal. We have something special. They could invite people along who have never seen hurling before to get their views. We have something really special to offer the viewing public. The interest from the viewing public would not be in who wins, closeness of the game but what it takes and what is involved in hurling.
Name : Well done BBC
31 May 2015
Good coverage of the Antrim v Fermanagh game on TV. Well done BBC.
Name : Safety
30 May 2015
Whatever has gone right or wrong in relation to Casement is of little consequence - if Safety is not taken seriously. Imagine if there was a serious incident - it would still be a disaster in the times and minds of generations yet unborn. We know why stadia need these safety measures. Getting out of some of the exits in the Old Croke Park in non emergency was not a pleasant experience when you had children. Thankfully today that has all changed. Nobody can be right unless safety is paramount.
Name : Spectator
29 May 2015
Any word on the minor team for Sunday?
Name : County Teams
29 May 2015
Good luck to the players, starting and subs, and the Managment/Backroom staff in both the Minors and the Seniors for the matches on Sunday. No doubt a lot of planning and effort has gone in since the start of the year with this day in mind so now it has approached go forward and get your rewards for that work.
Name : Antrim Ladies
28 May 2015
A Ladies Level 1 Referee course will be held at Naomh Gall, Belfast on Sat 20th and Sat 27th June from 10am - 4pm. This course is open to new referees, both male and females over the age of 17. Course is free of charge. If interested, please contact Fionnuala Murphy at
Name : for the third time
28 May 2015
Can you please post the dates & fixtures for the minor hurling championship - this is a joke simple information being requested why not reply?

Prelim 17 July (B champ) 1/4 Final 31 July (A & B champ) 1/2 Final 7 Aug (B champ) 1/2 Final 21/8 (A champ) Final 11 Sept (B champ) Final 18 Sept (A champ) This information is with your secretary.