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Name : ??
15 May 2015
Has there been any further update on the Dunsilly Centre of Excellence?

I have been informed that there is to be a major announcement soon.
Name : longest serving players?
15 May 2015
Who are the Longest serving Footballer & Hurler in Antrim?

Suggestions welcome with facts,
Name : Casement is NEWS
14 May 2015
The statement on website re Casement is to be welcomed. And whilst the extent of processes including safety are flagged up as being given every consideration - it is hard for the ordinary patron of Casement over the years just to see how in the present day 38,000 fans can be 'safe' in an emergency evacuation of the new facility. It is just where it is - where it opens out onto etc. And it appeards that experts also had such concerns. Could it not be too late at certification stage for safety to find out compliance is a problem? Would have thought that would be integral part of design. Yes I welcome something from the GAA rather than relying on the media. But Casement is NEWS..
Name : Wondering
14 May 2015
Why has the reserve fball div1 league have two St Galls teams - can this error be fixed ?

I will contact CCC and get it fixed.
Name : Curious Gael
13 May 2015
Is there a record of senior football league champions over the years anywhere?

They are not on the website. County Office might be able to help with your enquiry.
Name : Michael
13 May 2015
What dates are the first round and quarter final rounds of the senior football championship held this year?? Players are enquiring so their holidays don't clash. Thanks

Club secretaries have been given the dates for all championship rounds.
Name : Minor leagues
13 May 2015
Can the structures of the all county minor leagues be confirmeD, is it a straight winner takes all scenario or are there play offs for the league?


No 'play-offs'.
Name : Danny
13 May 2015
Reference to the healthy state of juvenile hurling in North Antrim - I see that the NA minor championship ( Darragh Cup) has until last saturday been shared in the past 23 years between Cushendall and Loughgiel. Don't know what that tells us?

Tells us little except that it is not a reflection on the strength of North Antrim hurling at juvenile level.
Name : Divisive?
12 May 2015
Not sure if there is any merit in posting this - as I assume it has been well thought out and sgreed. It is this- things could be better in Antrim as in many other things in life but here is the but.. I am saying things could be better in Antrim and We could point handfuls of fingers at Antrim, County Board, County Committee, County Executive etc BUT barely a mention of what our Divisional Boards and their Committees etc are doing. Then the thought fleetingly crossed my mind - could these Divisional boards be just that - divisional, divisive etc. I have rarely heard the merits of these Divisional boards discussed - only a chorus of acclaim for how good they are? May be unbalanced criticism directed to County when some of the malaise affecting Antrim ilies with our outdated, out- moded divisional structures?
It just may be that we need unity in our County not the structural set up that was fit for a time and age long past?
Name : one small step
11 May 2015
What is stopping us get hurling coaches - say 50 to start with and put them through say 4 sessions that are considered good sessions for juveniles. Assess the interest enthusiasm and take it from there?
Have all the coaches together - would be really satisfying. Start of a journey begins with ...
Name : Sean 'clash' mc Kinley
11 May 2015
on the topic of coaching and development, I am just wondering if there are any jobs going in helping our u11/12 development squads. I work well with young people that age and have been doing so in my club, coaching the younger age groups. I think that we have to start from these grass roots in order to succeed. Yes, yesterday was a tough day for us all as true saffrons, however we need all of our saffron army to stick together, many people are being very critical and have now began to criticise our county and our players, whenever last week they were just only after praising them. We have to stick with our players through thick and thin and dont just jump of the 'bandwagon' whenever things our going bad. Even though yesterday was a dark day for our saffrons we have to regroup together as a county. See youse next week, bring it on Carlow!!!!!! UP THE SAFFS!!!

The offer to help is appreciated however the county do not have "development Squads' at this age group. Positive comments.
Name : hurler
11 May 2015
This is a reply in response to my last message regarding the restructuring of the leagues in hurling. There was clearly a change to how these were voted on during the convention. The motions and recommendations were posted on this website under the 'Latest News' section and they were also put onto Twitter under a photo. Very interesting that these have both been taken down from these sources. It seems a little suspect as this was definitely NOT how they were proposed at the County Convention. Surely these cannot be changed until the next Convention. It would be very interesting to find how these were changed and even if it was allowed to be done this way.

Latest News: Page 18 of 344 Motions for Convention 7th December 2014 Motion 4 At the end of the 2015 season the divisions 1,2,3 & 4 of the Antrim Hurling leagues revert back to 8 team leagues playing home and away with 2 up and 2 down each year Antrim CCC Check your facts before making allegations.
Name : Wishful thinking
11 May 2015
There are plenty of people who could tell us how we should be doing this and that to fix hurling in Antrim..
Some delude themselves about how well we perform at Club level.
The bottom line is these same people would be really challenged to effectively coach young ones
It is a hard game to coach and behind the very few great days we had at County or Club level were a very few great coaches.
It is all about the slow process of effective coaching.

Name : Coach
11 May 2015
Can an u16 player play in u21 games.

Name : A simple idea
11 May 2015
So another two week break in the hurling leagues after Wednesday so our county team can achieve what exactly? Maybe if you stop binning the club season for a tiny group of county players the level of disdain a lot of people within the county have for the county team will subside. Just in case you reply denying this disdain many people on average attend even home Antrim games?

You didn't post this last week. There is 'disdain' for your negativity and failure to contribute any thing positive.