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Name : Draws
04 January 2009
I know the championships havn't been drawn yet due to clubs not having registered in their specific championships yet, but can you suggest a time that this might be done. even just the month. Is february plenty of time or would that normally be late. and also was wondering if you know when the announce this years senior league fixtures? Thanks very much

This year's league fixtures are virtually ready to go, as far as we know. Championship should hopefully be done by the end of the month.
Name : countrylegend
04 January 2009
Hey, sounds like a very encouraging start today against one of the best teams in the country over the last 10 years. could you post the 15 that started please?

It's on now.
Name : u21
04 January 2009
is there any word about u21 county trials?

News will be posted later this week on this.
Name : Antrim
04 January 2009
How did we do against Armagh?

Beat by 2 points. Match report will be posted on the main section of this site.
Name : Aontroim Exile
04 January 2009
If possible I was wondering if someone could post a small report on todays game against Ard Mhacha. I understand that in the McKenna cup it can be hard to work the teams as they play squad numbers but I would be hopeful we could get at least the starting 15, subs and replacements made, and scorers.

This is in hand.
Name : Player
04 January 2009
When will the county minor football trials be held?

Notice of these will be posted here after a manager is appointed.
Name : trophy finder
03 January 2009
i think rossa have the old nipper quinn shield
Name : Interested
03 January 2009
Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knew how much the admission charge is into Athletic Grounds for the Dr.McKenna Cup match between Antrim and Armagh on Sunday

No idea.
Name : Gael
03 January 2009
When are the new league and championship fixtures for the coming season released?

Within the next couple of weeks, provided clubs make the effort to ensure they enter the championships formally.
Name : interested
02 January 2009
can a player not play for another clubs senior gaelic football if they are playing for a different clubs senior hurling team??? even if their current club doesnt have a gaelic football team

Not if either of the clubs concerned have senior football and hurling.
Name : Kevin
02 January 2009
Are there two Frank Corr cups? The south Antrim u16 championship is played for the Frank Corr cup. It was definitely left back in Casement.

Yes. The Intermediate hurling one is still missing.
Name : mystery
02 January 2009
having not had any reply from anyone about the where abouts of the nipper quinn shield, i was just wondering if you yourself could possibly ask about to try and find out where it has got to ,id be grateful of any help you could provide, happy new year.

We can't do any more than post your request on here. It's a bit like the Frank Corr Cup that is played for in Intermediate hurling. It has gone missing several years ago and has never been traced.
Name : Seriously
02 January 2009
Watch a decent inter-county game and tell me how many of them tackle with an open palm.....
Name : David Doherty
01 January 2009
where is the merchandising section,I want some things and I can't find a link,

Click on the "O'Neill's" logo on the right hand side of the home page.