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Name : Luke
25 June 2015
There are things that are wrong but may not be the subject of GAA disciplinary procedures. They are wrong because they cause real hurt and suffering. That hurt and suffering will not be eased because there is no case to answer. Trying to help people out and through this is critical. And the hurt of comments or whatever can spiral and radiate out to involve and hurt others. I think there is a duty of care here- because the emotional turmoil could lead to actions that no one ; no one wants. The GAA should avail of professional expertise to address serious issues pertaining to personal health and well being in specific situations.
No need to post this - just a thought to maybe trigger something to ease the hurt of all concerned?

I appreciate you say there is no need to post but maybe your comments may benefit someone.
Name : South Antrim
24 June 2015
South Antrim committee intend to run a bus to the All Ireland qualifier on Sunday 5th July in Enniskillen any person wishing to book a seat please contact Sean Boyle by text on 07773925357.
Name : Pat McKenna
23 June 2015
St. Mary's GAC, Aghagallon will be holding its annual golf classic on Friday 14th August 2015 at Edenmore Golf & Country Club, Magheralin. Big prizes. 4 balls, further details can be obtained from Aodh Hannon or Una McStravick on 9265 1441 or Club Secretary Gerard O'Neill 075923325050. Thank you
Name : South Antrim Gaels
23 June 2015
Thanks to everyone for their generous donations and support for a very good cause @deterMND. We had a very enjoyable night of the races in McEnaneys and raised £3000 for Antos trust.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh

Little O’s – Vouchers
Shades Whiter – Voucher
O’Neills Gear - Stephen Thompson
Everglades Hotel – 1 night B&B
Vamp Lisburn Rd - £250
Failte – Meal for 2
Hunting Lodge – Meal for 2
West Social Club - Meal for 4
All Ireland tickets - South Antrim GAA
All Ireland tickets - Gearoid Robinson

£100 Race Sponsors
McEnaney’s Bar – Gerdy Holden
McEnaney’s Bar – Sambo McNaughton
Sperrin Switchgear – Terry Reilly
Sperrin Switchgear – Niall McGuigan
Truly Fare – Frankie Cahill
Homefit – Jackie Kelly
JC May – Medals and Trophies
Data Dispatch – Gearoid Robinson
Century Electrical – Colin Donnelly
Coopers Chemist – Paul Cooper
Shannon Road Marking – Sean Shannon
O Donovan Rossa
Workforce Training Services - Paul Boyle
Delta Print – Pat Crossan
Walsh Scaffolding - Ciaran Walsh
John Donnelly Building - Sean Donnelly
Name : Player
23 June 2015
Is there a full set of div1 fixtures on Wednesday night?

Only two games in Div 1 Football fixed for tonight. Other Division 1 Football fixtures and those games in Division 2 affected by county players have been called off and will be rearranged by CCC
Name : Saffron
22 June 2015
I see there are some wemen in Waterford blaming the County Board and the referee! I thought we were the only ones allowed to do that!
22 June 2015
Three Players on the GAA team of the week: Ryan Murray, Conor Murray And Chris Kerr!
Name : Weekend Results
22 June 2015
St. Galls won....Senior Footballers won....

Imagine the reaction if both teams had lost!
Name : Conor C
22 June 2015
The biggest problem we have with regards fixtures in this county is too much democracy. Fixtures committee should have instructed both clubs that this date was unacceptable and instructed them to find another.

Too often in the past have we heard the line 'clubs want games'. Well the good of the county must come first sometimes and it is up to the elected officials to stand up for that. Abdicating responsibility for fixtures helps no one.
Name : Michael
22 June 2015
Can't agree with the admins defence of the situation at the weekend. In order for a game to be refixed BOTH teams have to agree to a new time/date. If one club perceive they will have an advantage by forcing the other club in to a time/date that's not suitable then invariably they will. In circumstances like these the decision must be taken out of the clubs hands and the county should appoint a suitable time/date. Until the country start fully appreciating the predicament dual clubs and dual players find themselves in on a regular basis, they won't get the backing they should from dual clubs/players. GAA does not exist without the club.
Name : supporter of Antrim Gaa
22 June 2015
I wonder if all the people who complain steadily about Casement and Dunsilly are signed up to club Aontroma, this was set up to help provide funds for county teams ect, more people than ever are pulling out of their £10 monthly. It seems we want everything in Antrim but not prepared to pay for it.
Name : SPK
22 June 2015
Fermanagh Again?

Didnt know we could get them again but apparently so? Chance for revenge..
Name : A critic
22 June 2015
The criticism of referees, the criticism of players, criticism of managers, criticism of County Board and it goes on and on ..
And it goes beyond criticism into vile abuse - yes Abuse. This criticism says a lot about us as a society. Now it carries on into social media. Where do we get our values from; our principles and what do we want to pass on ? There are principles and values worth hanging onto and worth handing on - maybe time for us within GAA to reflect on where we are. It seems that most of what is laudable about and around Feile disappears with that great occasion. And in Antrim sometimes we wonder why our grounds and games aren't attracting more people'? An environment where attack on people, self centredness, self opinionated becomes accepted is not a healthy one.
Name : Fergal
21 June 2015
Could you please give an update on the dunsilly & casement situations please. Hopefully positive outcomes on both.
Name : Jonny
21 June 2015
Antrim is a joke imagine 3 of our so called best players having to choose club over county,the club is the most important thing we have in the GAA also divisional boards have to go we have to streamline all these boards for the benifit of all antrim gaa members both hurling and football